About Joep Beving

The world is a hectic place right now. I felt a deep urge to reconnect on a basic human level with people in general. Music as our universal language has the power to unite. Regardless of our cultural differences I believe we have an innate understanding of what it means to be human. We have our goosebumps to show for it. It’s incredible to see that an artist can reach people all over the world simply by playing the music that I believe in – music in its purest form.
”Solipsism” refers to the philosophical idea that reality only exists in one’s mind. Everything outside of it, the external world and the minds of others, cannot truly be known and hence does not exist. My music is an experiment in existential communication, a belief in an absolute aesthetic, to prove that a universal and metaphysical reality does exist. My second album “Prehension” was released in April 2017. We are working hard on creating the new album, my third, and if all goes well it will see the light of day in the new year 2019. But I am also quite excited to announce a new project scheduled this year already. Together with my label Deutsche Grammophon I have asked artists I really like to do a version or rework of one of my earlier compositions. The album will be titled ‘Conatus’ and the first single has been  released in June and the whole album is scheduled to be released in September this year.