Joep Beving – Henosis & Anamnesis (Film by Michaël I. Sewandono)

On top of a table lies a heap of sand, millions of tiny grains, all different. A man methodically moves small batches from one side to the other. He is concentrated, almost meditative. The mountain in front of him seems to shaped intentionally and with every movement sand falls through the fissures and gaps of the table, but these disturbances leave no trace. “I wanted to create something that connects with the idea of Joep Beving’s new album: unity as the goal of all things and the idea of a presence of something larger, that we are all part of a constant movement, where nothing endures. Shot in three parts of the world, the film follows the fractured narrative of a metaphysical entanglement with nature and the experience of a connection between lives. It tells the story of a kindred spirit in time, seen through the eyes of multiple characters that aren’t aware they are mimicking each other thousands of miles apart. But they all share that inner voice, that innate knowledge that people possess. And they feel this pure and intimate reminiscence of their place in this world.” (Michaël Sewandono).