Henosis a film

Henosis the film is a 16 min length film in 4 chapters. Written and directed by Rahi Rezvani.

The film shows the process of trying to achieve Henosis, a state of becoming one with the fundament of ultimate reality. It shows the masculine and the feminine personifications. The masculine is proud and selfish. The feminine is compasionate and loving. Within life and within every human, the two need to merge together, like darkness and light. In life, to understand your self, you need to grow the light inside of you. To understand others you need to send your light by love and compassion to them. To understand the light you need to respect the darkness. This all in order to overcome the dominance of the Ego(s) within you and to experience that beyond this, all is one.

A special thanks to the dancers Boston Gallacher and Tess Voelker. As well to the whole crew without whom this beautiful film would not have existed.